Best Spine Consultant Bangalore

Vitus Spine is the best multi-specialist spine care center to treat spinal related problems. If you are looking for the Best Spine Consultant in Bangalore to undergo the best consultant from highly experienced spine specialist or doctor, you can come down to our spine care center to get quality and unique process of treatment.

Before approaching the treatment, it is important to get expert advice from the doctors and surgeons who are highly capable of providing optimal advice to you in the healthcare industry. No doubt, there are certain queries which you need to get answers that enhance the best quality care for you or for your loved ones.

At Vitus Spine, you have a place where you will find highly qualified and expert Spine Consultant to list out the options that are suitable for your need to minimize the pain and correct the structure of the spine. We have leading spine surgeons in Bangalore who have developed a strong practice in a comprehensive non-surgical program for various spinal ailments and disorders. We also have a vast amount of experiences in the simple to complex reconstructive surgeries for the treatment of various spinal disorders and deformities including spinal tumors, spinal infections, fractures, etc.

Evaluation Process

Our goal is to provide quality-driven, efficient and outstanding treatment for neck pain, back pain and lower back pain related to the spinal cord. Therefore, we carefully focus on high-level of clinical assessments to determine an accurate diagnosis. This may include Physical examination, X-Ray, MRI scans, CT-scan, Blood Test investigations and Electrophysiology explain the exact cause of the pain and root cause of the disorder. Once your condition is reviewed, we discuss with the patient or his/her relatives to initiate the suitable treatment options.

Treatment Process

At our Spine Care Center, a comprehensive range of treatments across a broader spectrum of spinal diseases and conditions are treated. Our best Spine Consultant will determine the suitable treatment procedure for acute pain, chronic back pain, slip disc, and other major issues. We have a range of specialist who has deep insights on treating non-operative and operative treatment procedures using advanced techniques that can make a patient less discomfort during the time of treatment.

With our highly experienced surgeons and doctors, we consider whether you are the suitable candidate for surgical or non-surgical treatment. Here each treatment includes a range of numerous therapies and techniques to achieve the desired result. However, it depends on the severity of the deformity. It's always better to have a conversation with your doctor if there are any potential risks, complications, side-effects, and benefits involved in spinal surgery. Your spine consultant will surely educate and keep you aware of the different techniques used in spinal surgery process.

Although over 90% of the spinal deformity cases are rectified with the non-surgical approach, only rarest of rare cases required surgical procedures. Our ultimate aim is to see that the pain is minimized and improvements in structural disorder to obtain goals.

You can request an appointment to avail the Best Spine Consultant in Bangalore for all spinal related problems and to get the best opinion for the possible treatment option.