Holistic Spine Care

Vitus Spine Care has a comprehensive and holistic spine care in Bangalore, integrated with multi-specialty services to practice conventional treatment solutions for various types of spine disorders. A Center for Research and Innovation in Spine Care, Vitus Spine provide total care by providing advanced methods of treatment, relieves pain, and focus more on-operative methods that are well suited for patients.

Holistic Approach to Spine Care

Our approach comprises of pain relief management solutions, regardless of any type of pain, mild or severe, acute or chronic. At Vitus Spine, we provide a definitive diagnosis for physical assessment to determine the best treatment plan for the patients. We are well coordinated to explore holistic treatment that is unique to each patient, who is in need of pain medications, spinal injections, physiotherapy, pain counseling, and acupuncture.

Our spine care center in Bangalore has a tremendous amount of experience in providing quality treatment for patients to minimize pain. In most of the cases thorough clinical assessment and pain management plan is conducted to initiate non-surgical therapies such as Allopathy, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, and Electrotherapy treated by our respective specialists from different departments and streams. If the non-surgical procedure does not provide any relief and/or pain then we would consider surgical treatment, but again this would be the rarest of rare instances that might relate to complicated cases.

Spine Care Treatment Options

Vitus Spine Center has advanced specialists who have vast years of experience in offering the best possible non-surgical options for treating spine disorders for many years. Our center provides comprehensive ways of treatment options by understanding the symptoms and the causes that affect spine disorder or pain.

Our major following fields include:

  • Disc Herniation
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Degenerative Spinal Disorders
  • Disc Bulge
  • Slip Discs
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spinal Disc Disorders
  • Spine Fractures
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Spine Cord Injury
  • Spinal Infections
  • Spinal Deformities

Vitus Spine Care Services

We believe that the surgery is not the ultimate goal to allow repositioning of disc location, but the least priority in treating spine related problems. Hence, our extensive services meet the demands of the treatment options related to non-operative procedures allowing it to relieve pain and normal movement.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Consultation
  • Counseling and Education about Spine Disorders
  • Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Medical History
  • Pain Management Counseling
  • Physiotherapy for Back and Neck Problems
  • Exercises
  • Rehabilitation
  • Holistic Alternative Medicines

Post Treatment Care

The outcome of the treatment regardless of surgical or non-surgical methods, there will be the duration of rehabilitation after the healing of the spine disorder, back or neck pain. Our goal is to ensure that the pain is minimized, restore normalcy, and bring back mobility for the patient.

To achieve this goal, we recommend certain therapy programs that are well suited for spine disorder patients, conducted by our specialized professionals that help you in retaining confidence.

At Vitus Spine, we have respective consultants who have proven years of experience in treating simple to complex cases by using different methods of treatment.