Spine Care Specialist in Bangalore

Back pain is something which you cannot be overlooked and if you are facing it for days then you need to consult with the top Spine Care Specialist in Bangalore to provide you with a relief by de-stressing from the stressful journey of pain you are facing. At our Vitus Spine Care, you will find the most comprehensive treatment options, both in non-surgical as well as the surgical process.

At Vitus Spine, we have a dedicated team of specialized spine care specialist to ensure that a careful diagnosis process of the patient to understand the exact root cause of the pain. The pain can be associated with upper back, middle back or lower back. At times, the pain can be unbearable. Our specialist at our Spine Care Center offers different treatment options by using advanced spine care techniques.

We have top and leading Spine Care Specialists who are professionally trained in various specializations to ensure that the effective treatment procedures are provided at our center.

Relieving Pain

We offer the most advanced procedures by incorporating a series of treatment methods of a non-invasive process of spinal disorders. Our ultimate objective is to relieve the pain from the patient’s body and initiate the next level of treatment forms such as pain management, physiotherapy, exercises and various other alternative therapies that can help you to minimize the pain and restore the correct form of your spine (if in case of any structural deformity).

With over 90% of non-surgical treating conditions, people got attracted and have walked into our specialized care center to undergo treatment from our best Spine Care Specialist.

Back pain can be associated with any form of spinal deformity or spinal disorder, something which cannot be ignored for a long time. Our specialized spine care center is fully-equipped with advanced medical technologies, modern and approved equipment and hands-on spine care specialist who have deep practice in treating any form of spinal related problems.

Understanding Your Spine Pain

For the right treatment, a proper diagnosis is necessary. This can be achieved by highly experienced Spine Care Specialist who understands your spine pain, movements that are affecting your daily activities. In most cases, non-surgical therapies are advisable to release the pain of the spine or back pain.

Find the Right Treatment Procedure

Your expertise spine care specialist will recommend for the conservative approach of non-surgical treatment to ensure that the pain is the first relief for initiating the next process of treatment. Once the pain is relieved, your actual treatment process will start by top spine care specialists who have deep experience in different forms of treatment such as chiropractic, physical therapy, exercise and others who treat neck and back pain using different approaches to treatment options:

  • Alternative Therapy
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Exercise
  • Physical Therapy
  • Injections
  • Medications
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

If any of the above treatments do not provide any pain relief after performing all the treatment therapies correctly, your specialist may recommend you to undergo surgical method. You will be guided with a full range of surgical treatment options depending upon the level of severity.