Spine Care in Channapatna

Vitus Spine is the best Spine Care in Channapatna that provides the most comprehensive form of the treatment procedure, highly specialized with super specialty facilities, a well-equipped staff and sophisticated infrastructure as per the medical guidelines to meet the needs of the patients. We enhance a platform for clinical collaboration between different specialties to achieve the best outcome for results.

We have a wide range of conservative approaches in collaboration with physiotherapists, physicians and surgeons who are able to provide a determined treatment procedure. At Vitus Spine, we emphasise on diagnosis process and gather the medical history of the patient to know the exact root cause of the back or spine pain to initiate suitable treatment procedure.

Research and Innovations

Vitus Spine strives to bring innovative solutions by keeping updated about the recent medical invention to treat any sort of spine disorders with the best possible treatment and care. We understand your condition to reach out to effective treatment by focusing on medical history to provide the right procedure. For example, disc disorders, Open Discectomy with fenestration and Microscopic Discectomy with fenestration are performed. Your doctor will ask you important questions to research your condition and providing the best spine care for you.

Clinical Diagnosis Process

To provide the best treatment with the right procedure is essential to achieve successful results by focusing on accurate clinical diagnosis process in finding the exact root cause of the treatment. We are highly equipped with different forms of diagnosis process in order to ensure that you get the best treatment plan. For example, if you show the symptoms of chronic inflammation that is Ankylosing Spondylitis, develops slowly and it can lead to inflamed, tender and painful. It has no specific cause, but it may be due to genetic factors. During the phase of the diagnosis process, exams and tests are conducted to find the radiographic evidence.

Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis is aimed to relieve pain and preventing of further spinal deformity. Standard non-surgical procedures are conducted which includes exercise, physical therapy, self-care techniques, etc. Most of the Ankylosing Spondylitis patients do not require surgery. However, if surgery is necessary, best possible spinal surgical procedures such osteotomy, decompression, and spinal instrumentation and fusion are required.

Understanding Pain

At Vitus Spine, we have a wide range of treatment options available for patients who are looking for the best possible treatment with the right procedure intend to give successful results. We take pride in our research and innovation in spine care to implement proven techniques that are approved medical science internationally.

Our holistic approach to spine care is comprised of pain relief management solutions integrated with multi-specialty services to practice a conventional form of treatment solutions for various types of spine disorders. We focus on providing advanced, proven methods of treatment to relieve pain and bring back the stability by using non-surgical methods that are suited for patients with the complete diagnosis. Our Pain Management specialists are highly-specialized in evaluating, diagnosing, and treatment of different types of pain conditions and provide ongoing care for pain patients.

Spine Care in Channapatna provides effective ways of relieving pain by our expert's doctors and specialists.