Spine Surgeons in Bangalore

Are you looking for highly specialized and experience Spine Surgeons in Bangalore? At Vitus Spine - one of the best Spine care clinics in Bangalore, you will find renowned Spine Surgeons who have vast years of experience in conducting various forms of spinal treatments both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

With our highly professional team of different specializations, we perform end-to-end treatment process to correct any type of spinal deformity. Our first priority is to see that the pain is minimized and provide an accurate treatment procedure for diagnosing and collecting the medical history of the patient. We have experts who are involved in carrying out in the most comprehensive approach with a state-of-the-art procedure to achieve 100% desirable results.

Spine surgeons are one of the most important professional fields for curing back and neck pain. With a series of operative methods available with sophisticated tools, Spine Surgeons provides a correct procedure to avoid any further complications and to achieve successful results.

Spine Surgeons at Vitus Spine Care Clinic

Spine Surgeons at the Vitus Spine Care Clinic are involved in the best practices of conducting all types of spinal disorders. Our experienced surgeons enhance optimum quality treatment options with their deep insights of research and innovations instincts by following newly advance medical science to improvise the condition of spine related problems.

At Vitus Spine, Spine Surgeons advise patients about the surgical procedures as the last resort. However, if the severity of the spinal deformity is high, then the spine surgeon would recommend for the operative method. Otherwise, your spine surgeons will advise you on the most sophisticated conservative therapies before considering the surgical treatment. Again, this signifies the experience level of the surgeon who has realistic exposure and knowledge about the right protocols of back or neck pain treatment development.

Spine disease can be treated by a well-coordinated team of experts who have different specializations. The best spine surgeon recommends the non-surgical method. The team of Vitus Spine includes orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc.

When to consider your spine surgeon?

Immediate medical evaluation is required if anyone experiences extreme back pain or neck pain. Common signs and symptoms include:

  • Extreme back or lower back pain that hampers your routine daily activities such as bending or twisting, lifting of some heavy things
  • Weakness or numbness, tingling or loss of sensation
  • Difficulty in balancing, standing and walking
  • Oddly structured or uneven twist of the neck or back
  • Muscle tension or muscle spasms or muscle cramp
  • Traumatic condition in the region of head or neck, abnormal stress or sudden movement

Our highly dedicated Spine Surgeons and Spine specialists provide treatment with the patient-centric approach both pre and post-treatment by involving the best practices to correct different forms of spinal disorders.

If you are having any sort of similar signs and symptoms, back or neck pain associated with the spinal region or injury, you can request for an appointment to consult with our Spine Surgeons in Bangalore. Our expert doctors are here to provide appropriate procedures to bring normal healthy lifestyle.