Spine Surgery in Bangalore

Find the top Spine Care Clinic for the best Spine Surgery in Bangalore that covers a complete treatment led by highly qualified specialists to restore all spine disorders. At Vitus Spine Care Clinic, the spine related treatments will be in the safe hands as you are undergoing treatment under highly experienced and knowledgeable spine surgeons who have acquired specialized in various forms of techniques to provide the best possible treatment at an affordable cost in Bangalore.

What is the advantage of choosing Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is usually associated with back, lower back or neck surgery using the most advanced medical techniques that have the best option to improvise the condition of disability. In spite of various forms of non-surgical treatment available to restore the spine deformity, only the rarest cases required spine surgery. Spine surgery is performed for those patients who failed to respond to non-operative process like the alternative or conservative method and drugs and medication of spine treatments. Depending on the level of severity, after detailed diagnosis, spine surgery is performed.

Choosing Spine Surgery in Bangalore at Vitus Spine

  • We have dedicated a team of the top spine surgeons who are very well-trained and have vast experience in conducting different types of spine surgeries.
  • Using the latest medical technologies and new techniques in the diagnosis process to find the exact root cause of the Spine Deformity. Our dynamic facilities of diagnostic services include X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI Scan, EMG, Bone scan and Blood test.
  • Advanced surgical techniques for performing various ailments using a minimal incision to make sure it is minimal or no loss of blood, post-surgery faster recovery results, minimal surgery pain, and less scarring.
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are a part of a treatment plan to ensure that the patient gets an outstanding outcome of results.

Hence, it is required to choose the right doctor for getting the most suitable advice on the type of treatment process for patients.

Common Spine Disorder Cases

Our expert consultants routinely check and diagnosis to implement the right process of treatment. Some of the common cases of spine disorders include ankylosing spondylitis, herniated disc, idiopathic scoliosis, kyphosis, lumbar discectomy, scoliosis, spine tumors and spine infections.

At Vitus Spine, the best Spine Care Clinic in Bangalore has specialized infrastructure facilities on par with advanced medical technology to deliver state-of-the-art treatment options. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the pain and perform the best treatment procedure for the better outcome. Therefore, we provide the most comprehensive form of treatment of minimally invasive spine surgery to achieve better recovery results. However, to achieve the best results, one or more sessions may require so the patient can lead a normal life and perform his/her daily routine work.

Spine surgery is performed by a team of highly specialized and experienced doctors and surgeons who have deep years of performing simple to complex spine surgeries with highly rated positive results.

We have highly qualified spine surgeons who have done MS (Ortho), Fellowship in Spine Surgery, and MRC Psych from recognized national and international universities.

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