Spine Treatment in Tumkur

Are you looking for the best Spine Treatment in Tumkur involving right procedures? Vitus Spine Care Treatment in Tumkur is the perfect center for you to achieve productive outcomes of results.

Best Spine Care Center

It is a well-guided spine care center that helps people who are suffering from intractable back pain, neck pain or lower back pain associated with spinal disc degeneration, spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. To minimize the back pain and correct the deformity, our top spinal care center in Tumkur provides a wide range of treatment procedures using varied techniques.

Return to normal activity

Return to normal activity Our primary concern is to get back your normal routine activity by eliminating the pain and provide the correct procedure to initiate the treatment.

Types of diagnostics you may undergo

The Spine Treatment is provided based on the diagnosis, which you may have to undergo by consulting with the reputed doctor for spinal treatment. X-ray, CT-Scan, MRI Scan, EMG, Bone scan and Blood test are some of the diagnosis to know the exact problem of the spine pain.

Treating your pain

Treating of the spine involves a wide range of options. Top Spine Specialists at Vitus Spine works very hard to find the best possible treatment plan for your spinal related problems. Most of the spinal related cases are treated without conducting surgery. This is done by performing diagnosis and listening to patient's medical history to understand exact root cause and providing a definite treatment procedure.

Non-surgical treatment procedure

Increasing Activity: Patients should encourage undergoing certain exercise that helps them to strengthen their muscles and increases flexibility. A few specific exercises help in movement by making tissues stronger and supportive. Also, this is a part of a rehabilitative process that helps in recovering process. Moreover, Physical Therapists will monitor you closely so that exercises are done properly.

Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies and Massage: There are many alternative treatment options to choose. Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies and Massage are one of those alternative treatments that help to relieve the pain. Most of the people would still prefer alternative treatment over traditional treatment options such as medications, injections and surgery.

Spinal Bracing: Bracing treatment has reach towards advanced techniques keeping the level of comfort for the patient. It helps in controlling back pain, stabilizing weak or injured structures and also helps in providing correction or prevents any further deformity.

Medication: The earlier you diagnose the better are the chances to respond to medications. Medications can lessing swelling, reduces inflammation and minimize the pain in the back and neck region. The type of medication provided by physician depends on the symptoms and the severity of the pain. However, some medicines have minimal side effects and your physician will explain to you in detail.

Injection Therapy: One of the traditional forms of treatments that help in relieving pain. A well-balanced proportion of steroids can be delivered to target the epidural space, the space surrounding the membrane that covers the spine and nerve roots. Depending on the symptoms and diagnosis, your doctor suggests with other types of spinal injections apart from the epidural injection. Selective nerve root block (SNRB), Facet joint, Sacroiliac joint and Vertebroplasty are some of the spinal injections pain relief.

Surgical Treatment Procedure

Spinal surgery is the last option, in fact only about 10% of the patients require surgery. Surgery is reserved for the most severe cases of back pain such as intense structural deformity, spinal cord impingement and spinal stenosis.

Decompression may be indicated when the symptoms do not improvise with conservative treatment procedures. For lumbar (low back) spinal stenosis, a Decompressive laminectomy is the most common type of surgery to treat lower back pain. This type of surgery relieves pressure on the spinal nerve roots caused due to age-related changes in the spine. Discectomy is a minimally invasive procedures that involves removing the herniated part of the disc and any fragments that are putting pressure on the spinal nerve. In case of fracture spine due to injury, pedicle screws with c1 and c2 lateral mass is involved. Minimally invasive procedure is also used to rectify the spinal problem.