Spine and Back Specialist in Bangalore

Get care from the most expertise and renowned Spine and Back Specialist for any spine disorders, abnormalities, and pain with a full range of medical diagnosis and excellent treatment services. At Vitus Spine Care Center, we are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative treatment procedures using advanced technology and techniques in both surgical and non-surgical modalities.

Our team of top spine specialists has an extensive amount of experience that can make a difference to the lives of people who are suffering from any sort of spinal back pain. Back, neck, and spine are mostly solved through non-operative treatment modalities and only during the rare circumstances, we recommend surgical treatment under the guidance of renowned spine surgeons.

Vitus Spine Care – A Center For Spine Health Solutions

At Vitus Spine Care, apart from spine surgeons, who focus on treating different spine conditions and disorders, you will find other specialists who are involved in providing the best spine care solutions. The specialists include orthopedic, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, consultant psychiatrists, neurologists, physiotherapists, neuroradiology, and various other professions related to spine and back treatment.

Our Spine Care Center in Bangalore focuses on a holistic approach with unique specialties under the roof of highly sophisticated, well-equipped, and multi-specialty services.

The treatment process is based only on the accurate diagnosis and medical examination on the patient. The procedure will be unique for each patient and the extensive care solution is given to ensure that the patients get back to the normal condition safely and quickly to restart day-to-day activities.

Our professionals have solved many cases of back pain through the non-surgical and surgical process. We have dealt with mild, chronic and acute back pain problems by offering the most comprehensive solutions to the patients.

Spine Care Consultants

Our team of the top spine surgeons and specialists are involved in the most comprehensive treatment solutions adhere to good medical practice in offering a quality service. We strive for a compassionate approach to every possible effort to boost the confidence level and comforts for the patient. Hence, we are highly specialized in achieving almost 99% results through non-operative modalities and just 1% cases in surgical or operative with the minimal invasive process.

The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body that creates a well-shaped structure. Also known as vertebral column or backbone, it controls the function of the body, such as joints, bones, muscles, tendon, ligaments, brain, and nerves will work together in balance. The spinal cord that connects to the brainstem region and even one minor damage may lead fatal to entire back part of the body. Therefore, consulting with the right spine experts can change your life by getting accurate information and the best consultant before undergoing any treatment.

Back Pain Therapists

Back, neck and the spine are all inter-related and it may cause fragility even for a small harm. Back pain might cause from acute to chronic right from dull, lower or upper back pain. That is why it is highly recommended for the patients who are suffering from back pain to consult with the best back pain specialists in Bangalore to get a perfect advice and the best range of therapies from highly qualified experts.

Vitus Spine has a team of spine and back pain professionals to make a difference to the lives of the people. The group is the first of its kind having experts to manage all types of spinal disorders and back pain, ranging from a spectrum of non-operative treatment modalities to the most advanced surgical procedures, required to tackle a wide range of spinal disorders.